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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

16 of 21 SC Judges are on the Boards of Big Corporates: Former HC Judge

Source : Indlaw

Former Bombay High Court Judge B G Kolse-Patil today alleged that 16 of 21 Supreme Court judges are on the boards of big corporates like Tata, Birla and Ambanis. 

Addressing a news conference at Vasantrao Kale College of Journalism here, Mr Patil said neither judiciary nor administration can provide relief to common man and alleged that people in judiciary are members of corporate sector. 

He cited an instance of a case before Supreme Court bench pertaining to the dispute between Ambani brothers. When the Delhi High Court passed an order saying that the apex court judges should declare their assets, the Judges on the bench of Ambani case were shareholders of Reliance Group of companies and after the passing of the order, the Judges recused themselves from the case, he said. 

Mr Kolse-Patil also criticised Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and charged that he is the most dishonest Prime Minister. 

He said about 100 crore people are living below the poverty line, while the Prime Minister keeps talking about the country's economic growth. 

He argued that the country was far away from socialism. The word has become 'untouchable' as people in power do not dare to remove this word from the constitution, he pointed.


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  3. At present we are facing these problems. I agree with your statement.


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