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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

No Change in Judicial Appointment System : Moily to Rajya Sabha

Veerappa Moily
Union Law Minister
Source :

Notwithstanding criticism of ‘dilatory and ineffective’ process of appointing Supreme Court and High Courts Judges, the government has no immediate plans to change the system, Rajya Sabha was told. 

‘There is, at present, no specific proposal to bring about any change,’ Law and Justice Minister M Veerappa Moily said in a written reply to Shiromani Akali Dal member Balwinder Singh Bhunder. 

Bhunder wanted to know whether the government will amend the Constitution to give the executive overriding powers in selecting Judges as the present procedure ‘has proved to be dilatory and ineffective.’ Moily said the procedure for Judges appointment based on a Supreme Court judgement ‘has been debated in various fora and there have been demands to change the same.’ ‘However, there is, at present, no specific proposal to bring about any change in the present system of appointment of Judges in the Supreme Court and the High Courts.'


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