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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Legal : Poll of the Week

Dear Readers,

The Legal introduces "Poll of the Week" as a new feature. Every week we would be posting a Poll and you, the reader, has the option of voting.

You can vote only once on a particular Poll and the results of the votes shall be declared at the end of the week.

We start off this feature with a Poll : Who, amongst the following Sr. Advocates, is the Best lawyer practicing in the Delhi High Court. You can see the poll below and vote. Voting Closes at 11 p.m. on 11th November, 2010

In case of any comments, queries or suggestions please contact us.

Who, amongst the following Sr. Advocates, is the best Lawyer practicing in the Delhi High Court?
Neeraj Kishan Kaul, Sr. Adv.
Sandeep Sethi, Sr. Adv.
Rajiv Nayar, Sr. Adv.
Amarjit Singh Chandiok, Sr. Adv.
Chetan Sharma, Sr. Adv.
Amit S. Chadha, Sr. Adv.
Arvind K. Nigam, Sr. Adv.
Rajive Mehra, Sr. Adv.
Sudhir Chandra, Sr. Adv.
Others (Please leave a comment) free polls


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