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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Justice Gian Parkash Mittal appointed as Delhi HC Additional Judge

The Ministry of Law and Justice has announced the appointment of Sh. Gian Parkash Mittal as an Additional Judge of the Delhi High Court. Sh. G.P. Mittal is the presently serving as the  District Judge I & Sessions Judge of Delhi. Before taking over the charge of District & Sessions Judge he served as the Law Secretary, Govt. of NCT of Delhi and Additional District & Sessions Judge, Delhi.

Meanwhile, the much talked about judicial transfers have finally been confirmed and the transferred judges shall assume their respective offices with immediate effect.

The eleven Judges transferred are:

Justice Vijay Manohar Sahai, transferred from Allahabad HC to Gujarat HC
Justice Poonam Srivastava, Allahabad HC to Jharkhand HC
Justice Toom Meena Kumari, Andhra Pradesh HC to Patna HC
Justice Dantuluri Srinivasa Ranganatha Varma, Andhra Pradesh HC to Allahabad HC
Justice Ashutosh Mohunta, Punjab and Haryana HC to Andhra Pradesh HC
Justice Vinod Kumar Sharma, Punjab and Haryana HC to Madras HC
Justice Harjinder Singh Bhalla, Punjab and Haryana HC to Orissa HC
Justice Sri Niwas Aggarwal, Delhi HC to Madhya Pradesh HC
Justice Aruna Suresh, Delhi HC to Orissa HC
Justice Muttaci Jeyapaul, Madras HC to Punjab and Haryana HC and 
Justice Bhabani Prasad Ray, Orissa HC to Kerala HC. 


  1. The current practice of elevation of lawyers as judges in the same High Court where they had practiced needs to be done away with to enhance the connfidence of public in the judiciary.


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